Bully PulpitSquid spent part

Bully PulpitSquid spent part of the weekend doing Squid’s patriotic duty by sipping on some America (that’s the recently renamed Budweiser, for those who haven’t been paying attention) and thinking that maybe the seawater of Squid’s native habitat would taste better. Squid also decided to do something that’s actually in the spirit of being a good American: Get up to speed on all the campaign literature and policy positions of the candidates in the June 7 elections Squid gets to vote on. And it turns out Squid needs an America or two to stomach all the mudslinging that’s going on..

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Current StatusTrendsEmerging IssuesKnowledge and Program NeedsReferencesView short chapter summary Current StatusWater is important to the manufacturing process. Without water to use in processing, to serve in cooling, condensing and steam generation, and to convey waste material, industry would be unable to function; consequently, as in many industrialized countries, manufacturers in Canada use large quantities of this resource. In terms of total withdrawals, thermal power generation dominates, extracting some 28,750 million cubic metres (MCM) per year in 1996 the last year for which national estimates are available (Environment Canada, 2002).

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