Prices at several gas stations

gas prices go down

Gas prices dipped to the lowest they’ve been in months Thursday, but a follower of fuel costs says motorists are the only ones benefiting from the savings.

Prices at several gas stations, including the Chevron on Eighth Street in North Kamloops and the Costco in Aberdeen, dropped to $1.02.4 a litre. cheap jerseys Several others in town slipped to $1.03.4 while a handful of others clung to $1.10.9.

He said consumers can thank businesses like Costco for the low prices. Big box retailers can afford to offer cheap gas because they deal in more than fuel to make a profit.

That forces other providers like Chevron and Shell to compete lest they want to permanently lose business, said Toews. Those companies will take a short term loss if it means keeping customers loyal.

Toews said the wholesale price of fuel in Kamloops is about $1.12 per litre including the gas tax. Once HST is added, it’s costing gas companies more than $1.20 a litre to bring it into town.

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